About the site

The Bulla Spoil Processing Facility will be located within the existing Sunbury Eco-Hub site, located at 570-650 Sunbury Road, Bulla. The facility is specifically to store and treat wet soil excavated from the tunnel boring machines used on the West Gate Tunnel Project. It has been designed in line with the State Government’s Best Practice Environment Management Guidelines (BPEM) and with oversight from EPA Victoria.  

Hi-Quality Group’s Sunbury Eco-Hub is recognised as a Hub of State Significance No. 12 and has operated as a 24/7 waste management facility since 2003. The site is used for recycling, landfill and processing of contaminated and non-contaminated materials for some of the state’s major infrastructure projects. The site also provides a vital service in major emergencies. 

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About Hi-Quality Group

Hi-Quality Group is an Australian-owned, family-run business with 55 years of experience adopting and promoting sustainable best practice in quarrying, recycling and waste management.  

Hi-Quality Group’s Sunbury Eco-Hub is a best practice waste management and resource recovery facility. With the greatest capacity of any facility in Melbourne, it is vitally important when emergencies occur such as major bushfire events, heavy equipment accidents or industrial fires. This facility is licensed to accept prescribed industrial waste (PIW) and fulfils a vital community service in this regard. It has a proven track record of safe waste management for over two decade.

We are proud of the longstanding relationships we have with the community and key groups within Sunbury and Bulla, in particular with the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Corporation Council Inc.

We are committed to upholding the highest environmental standards and work in close collaboration with the Wurundjeri people and Melbourne Water to preserve and improve our surrounding land and waterways.

We have a long-term vision that puts us here beyond 2046, and our site has been highlighted as a growth area in the Sunbury South Precinct Plan, providing employment for the area for generations to come.

About the West Gate Tunnel Project

The West Gate Tunnel Project will provide a much-needed alternative to the West Gate Bridge.

As a result of the tunnel excavation work, there is a large amount of spoil that needs to be safely disposed of.

You can learn more about the project here.